Echo Outdoor Power Equipment

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ECHO Outdoor Power Equipment is commercial-grade equipment and the best built in the industry. ECHO puts its money where its manufacturing is and offers a 5-Year Consumer Warranty and 2-year Commercial Warranty on all engine-driven products so you can buy with confidence!

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Learn About Ethanol

Avoid costly repairs not covered under warranty and extend the life of your ECHO equipment.

ECHO equipment is professional-grade and comes at a premium price. You just invested a lot of money in your ECHO product and you want it to run at its highest capability year in and year out. The best way to do that, and avoid a costly repair that is not covered by warranty, is to properly maintain the equipment and use the right fuel every time. Did you know that using alternative fuels in ECHO 2-stroke engines will void your engine warranty over time? And that engine and carburetor problems can still occur when running your equipment on approved 10% or less ethanol content, depending on how your fuel is stored and if the fuel in use is older than 30 days?

ECHO handheld outdoor power equipment is designed to tolerate up to 10% ethanol blended fuel and cannot compensate for higher concentrations of ethanol like today’s cars. Most blended fuel on the market today is E10, which contains 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol. But E85, which is readily available for flex-fuel automobiles, will cause havoc on 2-stroke handheld equipment and E15 & E20 are also on the horizon.

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